Thursday, 10 October 2013

I've Moved!!!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I have a new blog that I've switched to.  I've decided to host my own website and change my blog name to something unique that doesn't follow my favorite nail polish. Lol. It's just something that I can call mine and I'm super excited about it. 

Please take a moment to stop by my new site. It's still very new and only just a couple of posts, but I'm looking forward to sharing all my favorite finds, outfits, make up and hair ideas with all you fabulous ladies. If you want to follow me, please subscribe by email. I would love all your support. I will also follow back.

My new blog is called turquoise blonde. You can click on the link here or go to 

I'm also on Instagram and would love you to follow along with me as well. My Instagram is @melanieafong, you can click on the link here. Lately, I've been going insta-crazy!! Haha

Love you all and thanks for being the most amazing readers ever!!! My blog has been a great hobby for me and almost theraputic if that makes sense. I absolutely love the blogging community and would love to have your support as you will most definitely have mine. See you over at my new site. 



Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Love a simple tee

Tee - Old Navy, Skirt - J Crew, Shoes - Steve Madden, Blazer - H&M

One of my absolute favorite outfits is a cute tee, tucked into a pencil skirt with or without a blazer over top depending on the weather. This outfit is just that. I picked up this adorable "love" tee at Old Navy for $9 and its the most comfortable tee ever.

I decided to wear it tucked into my purple J Crew pencil skirt paired with my Steve Madden cobalt blue heels. I always make my outfits work appropriate, so I wore my white linen H&M blazer overtop to give it more of a dressed up look for the office (which I have on in the first pic)

On a side note: I'm also so excited to finally get my hair done in a few days. My roots are screaming at me!!!

Oh, and I totally need a stand for my camera because I tried to use it yesterday and nothing is worse than striking a pose, and the camera falling over countless times. Any recommendations would help!!

Love always

Monday, 30 September 2013

Varsity school sweaters

Sweater - Forever 21, Skirt - J Crew, Tank - H&M

Happy rainy Monday morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I wish I had another day off. Sometimes I think how amazing it would be to be home all the time, relaxing, doing nothing... and then I realize how much fun I have at work and think "yep... let's get up today." lol.

Lately I have been really loving the varsity school sweaters. I have always loved the look and when I saw this cardigan at F21, I had to have it. It's a very casual sweater but it's also 'work appropriate' for me because it's more on the simple side. My boyfriend loves this sweater, so I'm secretly trying to find him one, but obviously a men's version. I wore this navy blue/grey sweater with my black J Crew pencil skirt, and my navy blue tank. I chose to keep it unbuttoned, because it's more of a looser sweater. This would be perfect with pretty much any outfit. I also love it with destroyed skinny jeans and a pair of riding boots and a collared shirt underneath. You will definitely be seeing a lot of this piece  through the colder months.
I also have some great news... I finally got my camera up and working, so goodbye iphone pics and hello pretty photos after today!

Love to all and don't forget to come follow me on Instagram. Click here

Love always,

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Armed leather

Hey girlie pies...

I can definitely feel the fall weather when I wake up in the morning. My bedroom is just filled with that crisp, cool breeze and shivers when I get out of bed. I know throughout the day it will warm up, but getting dressed in the morning has turned from short sleeves, to long sleeves and anything that will keep me warm.

I decided to pull out my armed leather grey top that I got from H&M early this year. Well.. I guess it's more of a pleather, but it still gives that pop of leather, without looking like I'm going to an ACDC concert. I absolutely love that leather has made it back to fashion full force, but wearing my leather pants to work, might just be crossing the line of  'work attire' in my office (I have to be careful with what I pick out), and unfortunately I don't want a Ross situation happen when I'm at work. lol (OMG remember that Friends episode?) So this top is a way that I can vamp up my leather-y look, but also stay work appropriate.

I paired this awesome shirt with my J Crew No 2 black pencil skirt, and also wore my black patent Steve Madden heels when I got to the office. I didn't feel I wanted any pop of color in this outfit because I wanted to make the sleeves the main focus. I did keep my make up simple and got that slight pop of color with my Cream cup M.A.C lipstick (my favourite.. I'm almost out *snif)

My second picture (WAY close up.. sorry), is mainly to update you on the Latisse. I've been on it a few weeks now and I've noticed that they are definitely starting to grow. Yes.. I do have mascara on, but because I have the blondest lashes, wearing mascara is definitely how I can tell. It's a very slight difference, but when my eyes are open, I can tell they are slightly longer because I can feel my lashes tickle my eyebrow bone.

Hope you lovely ladies have a fab day!!! I've also opened up my Instagram publicly, so feel free to check it out under melanieafong

Love always,

Monday, 23 September 2013

It's beautiful when it pours

Blazer - H&M, Top - {old} from Garage Clothing I think, Pants - Lululemon, Boots - Jessica Simpson Alany

On Saturday,  I had this whole thought about heading out to run some errands, go to the mall,maybe out for lunch but.... Mother nature decided to ruin any chances of keeping my hair and clothes rain-free. It poured ALL day long. I absolutely love sitting out on my porch with a coffee listening and watching the rain when it pours out, I reconsidered electively going out when I honestly didn't need to. I decided to get all ready, and wait a little. It never let up. I decided to go out anyway and halfway through I thought "this is ridiculous... I'm going home to get in my pj's and enjoying a day snuggled up with my babies", and that's exactly what I did. I watched so many Sex and the City episodes followed by the first movie in the evening. I had some red wine and it was a perfect rainy, do nothing day!

However, this is what I wore for maybe about an hour Saturday, then my comfys went on immediately. It was heaven! I wore my white 3/4 length blazer over a flowy light grey spagetti strap shirt, with my Lululemon wunder tights and my Jessica Simpon Cognac boots. I was also on 2nd day hair so I thought I would twist one side and pin it back. I also realize that I need to get my roots done, but my hair has been really damaged lately so I want to leave it as long as I can to avoid further breakage, plus I love the bit of ombré that's going on.

Have an awesome Monday!

Love always,

Friday, 20 September 2013

Something blue


I can't tell you how many hours I have dragged my boyfriend around a mall, looking for a navy blue blazer. I have wanted one forever but couldn't justify the price tag for some of the ones that I liked. I always try to find a good deal or a less expensive blazer that doesn't look ratty or stringy. A sigh of relief came out of my boyfriends mouth when I told him that I FINALLY found the navy blue blazer that I wanted. I'm pretty sure he did a jig... lol.. ok no, but that would've been funny!

I found this navy blue blazer at H&M last weekend, and..... IT WAS ON SALE !!! They had a few different colors but I literally grabbed this one and sprinted to the check out before I could look at any other color. I think it was only twenty something $$$. I love how it's cropped and not too long. Unfortunately because I'm only 5'3, I usually like blazers to be on the shorter side. This, is a one button blazer and the material is so soft. I love that I can wear the sleeves pushed up or down depending on how cold it is outside.

I decided to match this outfit with a simple one pocked white tee from Pacsun, destroyed Abercromie & Fitch skinnies and on my way out the door, I grabbed for my Jessica Simpson cognac boots (favourite boots). I absolutely love this new blazer and I think I may go back and check out the other colors because seriously... I love me a good blazer!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!!! I think it's going to storm here all dang weekend.. ughhhh!

Love always,

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New favourite trend... Air brush makeup!

Me wearing Luminess air foundation, blush and highlighter. I love how flawless my skin looks
Who doesn't want flawless skin!!! I have always loved the look of flawless, air brushed make up. I think it's gorgeous and had to try it out for myself. I got sucked in when I was watching The Shopping Network and ended up buying Luminess Air. I tried it and I love it!!! I'm still getting used to the application process because it's obviously different than regular make up, but my make up looks ah-maz-ing after I tried it. The coverage is buildable based on how much you need to cover (trust me, you can really cover with this stuff). I also love that it stays on all frigging day!!!!! I'm not lying. This stuff is extremely long lasting and no need to touch up throughout the day/night. It stays fresh for hours and hours.

I don't use this daily because it takes me longer as I'm still getting the hang of it and like to just use my Smashbox CC cream because it's quicker in the morning, but I do love this for the weekends, nights out, weddings ... anything where I need it to last and look polished and perfect all day long! It also helps with breakouts as you don't need a brush to apply and it's finger free! Check out Luminess Air if you are interested in air brush make up. I highly highly recommend it, plus it's a the total trend these days! Check out the site for more info.

Oh.. and I also bought the pink one.. .well.. because it's pink.. lol

Have you tried air brushing? Love it?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!!! :)
Love always,